Why Is Media Monitoring Required


It is said – whatever you do, regardless of whether it is good or bad, people will talk about you. This applies not only to people but to everything. There are different media in today’s world, and people use these various media to talk about products, companies as well as services offered. Therefore, it is necessary to not only know what is being said but also to be able to refute and respond to what is being said about your company, service or product. This is done through media monitoring.

There are so many different tools which are there today which help you in this listening on social media. However, these tools are not enough. Just employing the expertise of Universal Information Services or other companies which provide such tools does not suffice. You need to develop a proper listening strategy. That way not only can you retain your customers but get more people on your side and most of all it also helps to keep your competitors in check.

Media Monitoring Required

When you use Social media listening tools, you can:

  1. Get feedback with regards what your audience thinks of your product, service, company, campaign, announcement and so much more. This will help you in improving the services or product or whatever else needs improvement or even making minor tweaks so that the effectiveness is more.
  2. It helps you to interact more with your audience and also make them see you as very approachable.
  3. It helps to decrease any negative feedback and stem whatever backlash the company is facing, and thus, it helps to not only retain the customer but gain new customers too.
  4. This helps you to find out what your competition is doing.
  5. You can leverage this to find opportunity areas of your competitors and in doing so, you can overcome these areas in your product, service or company
  6. You can set goals based on your competitors and what they are doing.
  7. You can measure how hashtags are impacting various metrics
  8. You can get information about your influencers using these tools
  9. You can analyze your tweets to check if they are appropriate as well as improve the utilization of your hashtag.

What this also does is to show your customers that you truly care by you responding promptly to what they are writing about. The customers like to be acknowledged as it shows the customer service skills of the company.

You can also improve your content for your marketing strategy as the marketing strategy can target all those questions which the customers or potential customers or even influencers have.

Media Monitoring, therefore, is of prime importance to every company, product, and service which is offered. Without it, the company will soon wither and die in this hugely competitive world. As they say “forewarned is forearmed” and therefore, these tools are a boon to any company, however, small or big they may be.

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