Using Your Networks to Find the Right Accountant

Choosing an accountant for your business is probably one of the biggest decisions you will have to make as a business owner. If you end up choosing the wrong person, it can adversely affect your business in the long run. There are many accountants and auditors who are highly qualified and sought after. However, to know the one for you, you will have to do all the research and talk to the right people to get an idea on choosing the right person for you. In this article, we look at the easiest way to identify your accountant through your networks.

Take Advantage Of Your Connections

As a business owner, you are bound to have very good connections within the business community. You will be well known for the business you are doing and how you are helping the community. This will help you positively when you have to use your network to identify the right person for you. There will be avenues for you to discuss with other business owners to find an accountant being recommended to you or also help you eliminate potential people to interview.

Find the Right Accountant

Social Networks

When you are searching for an accountant, the right person for it maybe under your nose the whole time, but most often you may not even know it. Start by asking your family and friends who own small businesses if they would recommend anyone they know. If so, why? And if not, why? The answers to both questions could prove useful in the long run. Bear in mind that each business has different needs and if one accountant is good for the PR business that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the right one for the job for a manufacturing company.

Online Connections

Another way for you to identify the right accountant for you is to tap into your online connections. Although Facebook may not be the right social network for you to search for recommendations for a great accountant, it would be wise if you use LinkedIn which is more of a professional platform. When you are searching for your potential accountant on LinkedIn, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Who are they connected to? Do they have a strong network of professionals?

  • How do they talk about their services? Are they enthusiastic and interested in their work?

  • Have they received any recommendations from their clients? What do those recommendations actually say?

  • What is their experience? How long have they been in business, and what were they doing before?

  • What are their qualifications? Are they certified or are they very new to the profession?

All of the above factors will positively help you choose the right accountant from your professional connections on LinkedIn and through your other direct networks and other social networks as well. We suggest you talk to our professionals at Microdynamics Group if you are looking for quality support for invoicing, bookkeeping and related support.

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