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When you are in relocation business, you are constantly on the move. The job can be very hard depending on the client, and we don’t want them to make a mistake because of our desires. It is important to make a list before you want to move out, so you can know in advance what needs to be done. There are all sorts of companies, ones that are doing a great job and ones that are worse. So, try to do some investigation before calling.

If you have some friends that has hired a moving company, you can ask them for advice, but every job is different, so we can’t make a decision based on that. It’s better to visit site of the company or similar websites where you can get more information. Prepare questions you want to ask, and take in notice their schedule. Place yourself in their position, so you can have a better understanding of how to organize everything.

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Finish Packing Before Moving

There are two situations when it comes to packing. The first is when you have to full-service and the company employees, movers, are doing the job for you. This way, they are responsible if something gets damaged, but also there are other factors like the road to the next destination and similar things. Of course, the expenses will be larger because you need boxes and the manpower to pack everything.

The second situation is where you pack everything yourself. There can be more complications if you do it then professionals. It happens that something isn’t placed correctly or the box is damaged, so when being transported, there is a risk of breaking fragile goods. If there is a lot to carry, it is better to pay a little bit more and be secure. The price depends on the company, so you can take a few for example and compare the prices. Read more on this link.

Let Them Do Their Job

For example, imagine that you are working on a project, and someone less experienced comes and tries to explain to you how to manage the project. Sometimes, this is how movers feel when annoying people try to interfere.

It is okay to say if some box has fragile items, but there isn’t a sign that says that. But, it is important to let the professionals do their job. It will take less time to finish, and fewer mistakes will be made. They have someone to organize them, so you don’t need to act like a manager. This is why it is important to hire a reliable moving company so you won’t feel stressed.

Carry the Most Valuable Things with You

Carry the Most Valuable Things with You

Things like jewelry, cash, and things that are high in value, you should always carry. Movers will tell you when they notice something like money being placed in boxes because they want to get accused of stealing. Before you even start to pack, you should take everything valuable and place it in one place, so you can transfer it yourself. Look for things that are small and don’t need a moving company to be relocated.

Read more about it here:

Label boxes and Easy Access

Labeling boxes are very important if you want to get a job finished on time. And even more important if you are paying an hourly rate. Besides labeling them as fragile, there should be placed a sign that says where the box or item needs to be placed. This way, you won’t need to tell them for each box in which room it should be. It will save a lot of time and money.

When you have all organized around the house, there is another factor you should think about and that is how accessible is your house. If there are many items to transport, the truck can be very big, so it would need a proper place to park. It also should be accessible meaning that they don’t have to walk more than 50 meters carrying the load. You need to tell them things like if the parking costs, or if there are stairs in front. Tell them everything that can help or be a problem. Click here to read more.

Packing Heavy Items and Emptying Drawers

A great example of packing heavy things is a lot of books. When you place everything in one box, it will be very hard to carry. It is better to have multiple smaller boxes than one large. You should think about that before they arrive, so you can find smaller boxes on time and pack everything similar.

Many things can go wrong when you are carrying out large objects like desks or wardrobe. Besides being heavier when the drawers are full, they can injure someone. Everything needs to be empty and if they can slide out, you can add extra protection and use tape to make it secure. Sometimes you can leave stuff in the drawers, but then you have to use some kind of protection.

Be There for Movers

Even if they can manage everything on their own, you should always be around when the job is being done. You will never know if something occurs and you need to help them, or they need to ask you about a certain thing. Always be around the house, so they can reach you faster. When it comes to tipping, it is usually around $25-50. Read this:

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