Tens of Thousands of New Jobs Created in Past Decade Thanks to Surging Gun Sales


Gun sales and the firearms industry has been a divisive topic in recent times, constantly pitting the government against the opposition and rights activists against politicians. Interestingly, even during these “bad” times, the industry has continued to perform well economically.

A recent report on the state of the industry indicates that over the past 8 years, jobs related to the manufacturing and sale of guns has increased to a nationwide total of 287,986. That’s a massive increment of 78 percent. Moreover, the report shows that the jobs are lucrative, paying an average of $50,180 in wages.

The report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation reveals that not only is the industry creating thousands of jobs with very good pays, but it also continues to contribute significantly to the economy as a whole. In 2015 alone, the firearms and ammunition industry contributed $49.29 billion to the economy.

Even more interesting is that the known anti-gun states are the ones benefiting the most. California leads the pack at position two in the country, just behind Texas where the gun industry generates the most revenue.

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How does the government benefit?

The country and individual states have been benefiting in two main ways. First, whenever Obama steps up to the microphone to talk about gun control and what he thinks the congress should do to tame the industry, gun sales soar. This has left some experts labeling Obama the “world’s best salesman” even if that might not have been his original plan.

 “Everything goes up whenever he speaks about guns,” says Michael Cargill, the owner of Central Texas Gun Works. “You wish he could talk on the topic more often.”

Cargill, like many other merchants have turned to selling his products through the safer online firearm merchant accounts. These accounts can be obtained from providers such as eMerchantbroker.com among others.

He says that he has also seen an increase in the number of people attending his gun safety classes over the past few years. Seemingly, whenever the president speaks on the topic, he reminds citizens that a good manypeople haveguns and everyone needs to learn how to defend themselves. So aside from just buying guns, Americans are taking a few classes to master the art of handling their newly acquired weapons.

The other way that the central and state governments have benefited is through taxes. Over the course of Obama’s term, gun taxes have gone up 96percent.

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