Talcum Powder And Its Ill Effects


Talcum powder is possibly one of the most used products in the world. Women, men, and children, all equally uses them. The talcum powder obviously is one of the very best for feeling relieved during the hot sweaty summers, and it keeps the children’s skin beautiful.

The talcum powder is the very obvious reasons why one may expect theleast amount of friction on their skin. But for many people who do not have an idea about the fact that talcum powder can be eviler than the benefits it gives, this news can be shocking.

Talcum powder is really a very dangerous option as it invites possibly the world’s most scared disease of cancer. This is the exact reason why the talcum powder lawsuit was filed. And many people stood to support it.

Talcum Powder And Its Ill Effects

What is the talcum powder?

Well, the talcum powder is a powder made from the very material of talc. Talc is basically a mineral that is made up of elements of the magnesium and the silicon, as well as the oxygen. Then how does it cause this problem one may ask?

Well, the problem is not because of these three elements, but unfortunately, there are asbestos particles available in the talc too. So why was it considered safe till now? Well, there are talcs from whom the asbestos is removed well and then used. These do not cause any problem.

The talcum powder should be by any means free of this particular substance, and unfortunately, the same powder is trusted for a baby’s skin.

What harm does the talcum powder do?

The talcum powder actually allows cancer to take over our body. The following are the two most famous types of cancers that may occur to the people due to the talcum powder and the asbestos in it:

  • The lung cancer: breathing of the talcum powder 24×7 is one way of inviting the disease. The asbestos in the talcum powder is not at all good for the lungs. The more people inhales this, the more they tend to fall sick.

The lung cancer can be a real pain, and no one would like to live with it under any condition. To keep the lung cancer away, a thorough checking of the powders should be done.

  • Ovarian cancer: this is again one of the most dangerous and worst things that can happen to any woman. Most of the time women tends to apply the talcum powder near their thighs. And this is exactly what should be stopped immediately. The talcum powder usually gives worst kind of results for the women.

The ovarian cancer is a disease that is nothing small and can be life-threatening if not recognized at thetime.Ovarian cancer can happen only when somehow the talc enters the fallopian tubes to the ovaries. The talc practically shouldn’t be used anywhere near the vaginal region for the same reason.

People should be aware of the talcum powder before they consider using it for many reasons like this. They should remember that the talcum powder lawsuit has been launched not for nothing.

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