Structuring a business dissertation – An Ultimate Guide


Selecting a business dissertation topic is a problem, and so is to structure it, this article will summarize what to include in your business dissertation.

Title Page

It includes basic information like, student’s name, level, university, faculty, topic selected and the dates of submission.

Dedication and Acknowledgements

Here you dedicate your whole work to people who helped you in your journey.

Business Dissertation Abstract: to keep it short and simple this is just a summary of business dissertation, highlighting study background, its significance, components of research strategy, key findings and conclusion.

Structuring a business dissertation


It introduces and summaries your study and state of area previous research. It outlines the problem(s), aims and objectives and describes the research methodologies used.

Literature Review:

It accounts previously published, unpublished or written literature on the topic. It allows students to conduct review existing ideas or knowledge on the topic. Here you highlight strengths and limitations of previous research on the topic and define concept. For this you need to follow these 4 steps

Focus on relevant studies and theories

Break the topic and describe key terms

Examine recent studies in the area

Conclude the research question or hypothesis

Research Methodology:

This part gives reader a coherent, precise and clear picture of conducted study. Here you composed various subsections including, research approach, research philosophy, research strategy, data gathered, problems encountered in data collection, reliability, validity and generalization of data, ethical issues and constraints of research.


Here you need to report findings of study and draw conclusion.


Here you interpret the results. First you state the results. Then you state whether or not research question or hypothesis has been supported by research findings. Then you link those results with evidence of literature review. Lastly you explore implications of your findings with respect to the research questions, give directions and suggest recommendation for future research.


In this part of your business dissertation services UK you need to provide a summary of overall research along with your final comments as well as judgments. Final comments mean that you should entail the suggestion for speculation and improvements for future research in the area of study.


Approval that you should sought from University supervisor for proper layout


In this section you need to place all the tables, graphs, charts, or diagrams you created for your business dissertation. The main purpose of appendices is to allow the expansion of the information produced in an abbreviated format inside the body of your business dissertation.

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