Security Problems That You Should Consider While Developing an App


Over the past few years, the number of applications have been released and it is astonishing as the number is expanding gradually. With the constant increasing in the number of applications and app users, hackers are getting more opportunity for profit.

Along with the usual excellence, every app being developed now needs to take user’s security needs into consideration. To put this into the standpoint while malware disguised as apps has reduced over time with the growth of iTunes and Google Play, the applications are being targeted by hackers for the information they contain.

In addition to this, lots of companies and businesses are often targeting for cyberattacks as their databases could set up a hacker for life with money they could make. Even hacker collectives and bunches will work together to bring down an application whether to make a statement or to make a profit.

Developing an App

Below, you can find topics and considerations that every mobile app developer needs to be aware of when they are developing an app:

Reasons App Developers Need to Consider Security Seriously

Initially, it is important to consider that whether the future of applications is compatible with the security and privacy standards as there are some of the users and consumer groups, who are demanding.

As you know that technology doesn’t always progress naturally and a single hacker advance mean that cybersecurity professionals and app developers need to rethink about the way they handle their cybersecurity strategies.

Generally, there are some of the courses, enabling hacker’s entry and the more innovative an app, the more likely one will be ruptured. Here are some of the concerns that developers must tackle in the next couple of years and balance constantly:

  • There are lots of security features like encrypted data that are extremely useful for users to stay safe and secure at the time of using an application. However, some of those features can slow down a connection speed and therefore the app’s efficiency. It can reduce adoption rates and decrease profitability in the long run, making some of the applications ineffective if they adopt security features.

  • You would find some apps that must be launched on a strict timeline to make them relevant to their intended audience; however, adding security features spread the timeline of app’s release.

The Importance of Privacy

There is a huge requirement for privacy when we are considering the applications being developed today. Nowadays, people are more aware than ever of the permissions an app will use, and they might be hesitant to make use of an app based on what information it requests from a user’s phone.

The users of the application are worried about the privacy and app developers also need to be, if not from a principle perspective than from a financial perspective. In case, if the app gets a bad reputation, there is no option as users will opt for an alternative that guarantees their privacy. There are lots of people, who are simply don’t want their information used against them in the long run.

Apps that are being developed need to consider following points:

  • Different options to hide information from other users and that must be relevant to the application.
  • Enabling to delete the account anytime without any hassle.
  • Making sure that the information gathered through app will not be shared with harmful advertisers or third parties. Rather that information will be used for improved user experience.
  • Make sure to be transparent about what information is being collected by the app to completely inform the user to make an educated decision about app use.

Repairing Your App Too Slowly

Once, you launch your application, you job is not done. Hackers are working fast and they are looking for all those applications that don’t release security updates frequently and feat those security holes. It is must that you revisit the application frequently to perform security updates. But patches need regular time to reach users.

For example, if the approve process of the Apple takes a week. In addition to this, all the mobile device users must accept and download the patch. And if you are not staying on top of new security updates, patches will take long time to reach users as putting their information at risk.

However, there is no boundary for error when applications are dealing with different things like personal information, customer credit card etc. the result of a security break is disastrous to an app developer. To protect your application and its users, ensure that you take the required precautions.

Do Not Planning for Data Caching Vulnerabilities

Basically, mobile devices are different from standard laptops and desktops as they store short term information to boost the speed. It will make mobile devices more susceptible to security breaks as hackers can access cached information a lot easily.

If you want to avoid this problem, you can do is keep a password to use an application. It is true that app users often look for passwords problematic that can hurt the popularity of your application. You can opt for another solution to data susceptibilities by programming the cache to automatically be wiped every time the mobile device restarts.

The more powerful apps you will have, the more information they will need

Gradually, the need for privacy will become more relevant as applications and programs need more information from their users. Let’s take one example – Cortana or Siri. These apps gather huge information and that is amazing.

To hackers, knowing all the secrets of unlocking one of these programs to spout data is something of a holy grail. When application developers plan, and develop their application, are they considering the type of information they are asking for? Do they have any kind of plans and protections in place for their consumers?

Not Considering to Implement Secure Communications to Servers

There are lots of applications on the web that handle sensitive user information and connect directly back to a server. Therefore, it is must to ensure that the transit is safe completely. You might not need anything like interrupted on an insecure WiFi connection.

Such type of security can be easily achieved through encryption and SSL certifications. In case, if you fail to make use of the proper SSL libraries, you may compromise the user information.

So, these are the security problems that developers should consider while developing a mobile application. If you wanted to have your own application that developed considering these security problems in mind, you should get in touch with an experienced mobile application development company, having a professional team of mobile app developers.

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