Retail Led Signs Can Boost Your Business



Today, people have very little attention span and time too. Nobody has the time to stand for even a minute to look at a billboard and read each and every word mentioned. That’s where digital signboards score as they are a great way to communicate effectively to customers. LED signs are also economically and environmentally viable. What you will need 10 traditional posters to say, you can say all those and more in a single retail LED sign. They also give you value for money, in fact, more value for money. In retail industry, what helps business is constant innovation. LED signs are a great way to keep people informed about the changes you have brought in or the new arrivals that you have displayed in your store.

retail led signs

Ensure your content is most effective in your LED signs – retail

What matters in retail led signs or any LED sign is the content. Though any advertisement on a LED sign will look great, if you have impressive content, you can sure to attract genuine customers to your store.

The three-second rule: There is something called the ‘three second golden’ rule in case of LED signs, which means people may just have three seconds to glance at. In these three seconds you have to grab as much attention as possible and they have to be such that they create a strong impression in the viewer’s mind so that they will remember it for a long time and then visit your store when they are out shopping. In such a case, it is best to have short messages with images so that people can see the image and read about it in the blink of an eye. Images work better than words, hence include more images.

Images matter: As images are of paramount importance in a retail LED sign, they come with software that has graphic design facility. In case, you are not content with the graphic design software, then you can have more sophisticated software to suit your needs. In any case, remember that your message has to be crisp, short and to-the-point.

Keep it short and relevant: Just because you have a retail LED signboard doesn’t mean that you have to put up your store history, details and everything else on it. Remember the three-second rule and put up your most attractive offers on it. If you have a promotional discount sale on any particular item, mention that. Remember, your LED sign is there to attract new and additional customers to visit your store. So, design the content accordingly.

Keep updating: Take advantage of all the benefits of LED signs. They can be changed from time to time. If you put up the same message for days, people will tend to ignore your board. Hence, try to put up information about new offers, new arrivals and so on. Even if your promotional offer is to be there for a month, you need not just keep it as your content on the retail LED sign for the complete month, you can replace it with some information about trends, styles and so on once in a while.

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