How to Stay Afloat On Poolside Energy Costs This Summer


There are few things more enjoyable than relaxing with family and friends in the pool and on the patio. It’s sad when the days start to cool down and the pool water makes you shiver. Did you know there is a way to extend your fun days in your swimming pool? You can extend your swimming season by as much as four months when you install a solar water heater for your pool. Your swim season will begin earlier and end later. This is an addition to the home that the whole family will enjoy.

Green Energy and Efficiency

Aqua Science of Phoenix AZ suggest you let the sun be your source for swimming pool heat, and save on your energy bills while helping the environment. Your solar pool heater is a green way to produce heat, reduce your carbon footprint, and pay for itself in just a few years’ time. Replacing an electric pool heater with solar reduces fossil fuel use. Replacing a gas pool heater with solar also reduces the carbon dioxide that is sent into the atmosphere. Placing a solar blanket over your pool at night prevents heat loss from the water and further reduces your energy use. Solar energy is truly clean because it doesn’t deplete any natural resources. You won’t need a new pump for your solar heater because it will use the pump you already have. Solar pool heaters have the highest energy efficiency rating. Solar heaters are very quiet and don’t disrupt your peaceful pool time with noise pollution.

How to Stay Afloat On Poolside Energy Costs This Summer

High Return on Investment

Sustainable Earth says the average lifespan of an electric or gas heater for your pool is about five years. The lifespan of a solar pool heater ranges between 15 and 20 years and requires minimal yearly maintenance. Once your solar heater is installed, there is no monthly operating cost as there is with gas or electric. The sun’s energy is free and renewable. When you have a swimming pool that is often too cold even when the sun is out, you are not getting the best use from your investment. The installation of a solar pool heater will provide months of additional pool use for you and your family.

Now is the time to extend the summer swimming season in your pool by installing a solar pool heater!

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