How To Find A Good Trademark Lawyer?


In order to flourish, the idea or invention must be developed, innovative and, what is equally important nowadays, protected. Surely, a unique name, which your product has, is of primary importance for you and your business. The key point is that the trademark protects the name of your product and prevents others from selling product under the same name. Consequently, trademark law protects consumers from being deceived and confused by your competitors who may use the same or a confusingly similar name for their products. You can do it by performing a trademark research and filing the trademark application but to go through this sophisticated and complex process you need the help of experienced trademark attorney who practices in the area of the intellectual property (IP).

Good Trademark Lawyer

Actually an IP lawyer can really do you invaluable service, for instance he can:

  • help you choose a strong mark to register;
  • help you trademark avoid turning down;
  • protect your trademark and enforce it if someone infringes upon your rights;
  • evaluate your trademark;
  • help you file trademark application;
  • help you identify whether or not there are other trademarks which may prevent you from registration.

The list is far from being complete, here are only the main points, but even now it becomes clear that you will surely benefit from the co-working with an IP specialist. But how can you find an experienced and strong-skilled specialist? Here is a guide for you on how to choose a professional lawyer to get the best possible us law support:

  1. Define your needs

Remember that different lawyers specialize on different aspects – there are lawyers who perform primary transactional work, and those who do litigation:

  • in case you want to register a trademark or apply for copyright protection you need an IP lawyer who focuses on transactional work;
  • in case you need to enforce existing trademark rights if someone else infringe upon them you need a specialist who focuses on litigation.
  1. Hire an experienced, educated and licensed IP trademark lawyer

Surely an attorney who has experience in a field similar to yours can provide you with better service. During your service you will run into non-legal specialists, it is in your best interest to avoid them. Hiring an uncertified IP attorney may seem to be more affordable, but it will surely end up costing you too much.

                A licensed trademark attorney will provide you with valuable service, it is important for you to confirm that the person has completed an accredited law degree program.

  1. Look for an attorney who will pay your application enough attention

Be sure that the attorney you choose will personally supervise each stage of the application process and that you can rely on his professional skills.

  1. Hire the attorney who will keep you updated on developments

The process of trademark registration usually requires much time; during the whole process your attorney should inform you on any updates of the application status.

  1. Define top-candidates for the position and interview them

You probably end up paying much money to the lawyer so don’t hesitate and ask all the questions you are interested in during the interview. Remember that the crucial point for you is to find the one who will perform the best job for you and who can grant you confidence.

                Many people misbelieve that it is too costly to hire an attorney, but in most cases it appears that it is costly not to do it. Remember that your trademark is your “good name” with your customers. And a good trademark lawyer will preserve your reputation with clients.

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