How Chromaform Letters Can Benefit Your Business


Chromaform letters stand out from the crowd with their stunning, mirror-like shine and ability to catch the light (and people’s attention) in any conditions. Your business sign is an investment, and you should treat it like one – the investment in your sign at the beginning of the process may very well influence the profitability of your business at the end of the process.

With that in mind, when it comes to investing in your business sign, you should consider chromaform letters from Signtrade Letters, for the following reasons:

Chromaform Letters Can Benefit Your Business

  1. Chromaform Letters are visually stunning

With the shining appearance of chrome, chrome effect letters can provide a visually pleasing sign fitted to any aesthetic and any business style, from restaurants and barbers to law firms and the offices of real estate moguls. Whatever your business, the mirror-like effect of chrome effect letters will help you to stand out from the crowd – especially when compared to the boring stainless steel, moulded plastic or coloured LEDs of your competition.

  1. Chromaform Letters are hard-wearing and long-lasting

A business sign must be able to stand all weather conditions and all climates, often for years at a time. Chrome letters help with this task thanks to the incredible chemical resistance of chrome, which resists corrosion and puts up a fight against weathering, no matter the conditions. In fact, chrome is the secret ingredient in stainless steel which gives it its corrosion-resistant and rust-resisting properties – so imagine what it can do for your business sign!

With reduced sign maintenance costs, and no need to worry about corrosion or discolouration, chrome effect letters are a “fire and forget” business sign. Simply install them and you’re good to go!

  1. Chromaform Letters are eye-catching

This is perhaps the most important aspect of any business sign. Can it catch a customer’s attention? Can it draw people in and cause them to recognise your business come sun, rain or snow?

Chromaform letters can. Few, if any, other signage materials are as capable of drawing the attention and remaining perfectly visible in different lighting and ambient conditions. The clean silver appearance and mirror-like shine of chromaform letters means that they can be seen clearly in the rain, or in lowlight conditions, as they reflect almost all the light directed to them. Therefore, even when there is little light available, a chrome effect letter sign stays clearly visible.

  1. Chromaform Letters are suited to 3D letters

Not just eye-catching and hard-wearing, chrome effect letters are also well-suited to moulding and 3D lettering, making them an excellent solution for businesses which are looking for something extra to add to their signage. 3D letters have their own, entirely separate set of benefits, but as this post focuses on chromaform letters, we’ll leave them for another day. Suffice it to say that 3D lettering is a way for your business to take its signage a step above the flat, emotionless signs of the competition.

If you are interested in chrome effect letters for your business sign, you can get in touch with SignTrade Letters today on 08085 456700 or contact them via their contact form!

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