Fantasies of Brandon Stevens


At the age of 44 the person that is popular and has the name that is said to be the great person is the Brandon Steven from Wichita at Kansas. He is one of the celebrities that have covered the world and is very much famous in automobile dealership. Wichita is a place that has the cold weather for 12 months and this place almost have the snowfall after every one month almost. At the age of 11 Brandon started a small business that was removing the snow and later on in the high school started catching the birds and sells them to the hunters and also started working in the car dealership that he used to love from his childhood. His elder brother was a good sportsman. Three of the brothers Rodney, Brandon and Jonny were good in sport. When he got the bachelor degree in marketing then he purchased the building in Wichita and started his buying and selling the cars.

Fantasies of Brandon Stevens

On other side he started the business with his elder brother and opened a new health club that was named as genesis health club and today you have 22 branches of this club and on other side this man purchase the new car dealership and that was Subaru of Wichita and for that he purchased the location that was next to his old selling and buying location. After that he purchased ford franchise and within one year he became the best dealer in this United states and after that he purchased Suzuki and for next five years his company was said to be the best again and slowly the name and the place both got popular and he purchased the Toyota and got the 100% returns as profit that made him more popular in automobile dealership and in the 2007 he was awarded for the best dealership for cars. He has won many awards for his work that have shown his hard work and also the right way of doing the business. He is from Wichita that is situated in Kansas.

His father Rod Steven used to run small business and mother was school teacher. He has elder brother Rodney Steven and younger brother Johnny Steven and also has one sister that is Julie Steven. This is the family background. In Wichita three of the brothers are awarded with the ice hockey that has given five years contract to the genesis health club to operate the Wichita ice center. Now he is having wife Karen Steven and also has six children. He is a nice gentleman that often donates for the charity and much other trust that are providing the facility to the children. Brandon is a beautiful person that is still having good ties with the local trust that are providing the facility to the children that are very much poor and are not able to study. He provides the funds to such trust for making the poor children to study.

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