4 Helpful Tips You Should Use while Choosing the Right Translators


Planning to regularly buy a certain type of translations, such as legal, financial or website translations? Just hold on for a while and think on how you would implement your translation work. Here are 4 tips that will be helpful for you as a translation buyer to get a better idea of the kind of service that will be the best for you before you begin shopping around.

1. Type of Documents You Want to Translate.

When you start looking for a translation company, you’ll notice that some of them are highly specialised due to years of translation work they are offering to a specific industry. Examples are legal, technical, advertising, financial, news and more. They build a huge amount of translation memories. Their employees, vendors and reference material are much specialised. You may even look for certified translation which not every translation firm does. Bigger translation firms have more resources and usually teams to take care of an entire business division, such as “pharmaceutical translations”.

Being well aware of what kind of documents you’ll need to translate will help you narrow down your search and make it easier.

Choosing the Right Translators

2. Number of Languages.

Another point to consider is that some translation companies offer translations in only a few languages. Even if you need your documents to be translated in English, you’ve to consider whether you want them for the UK or the US, as some agencies will offer you translation only in British English, while some others will offer you translation only in American English. Similarly, you have to pay attention to the fact that the agency you are considering offers translation in European Spanish or many variants of Latin American Spanish, according to your particular needs. Even in French language, there are variants like Swiss French, Canadian French and Belgian French. Thus, if you want your documents to be translated into multiple languages, you should look for agencies with good human resources and a huge catalogue of translators with their credentials checked and tests passed.

3. Testing Quality.

Don’t forget to ask the agency how they do the quality check of their work and who would review the translated text. You can find many things from the answer to this question, such as how serious the service provided to you would be. Check if they have credentials such as EN15038 (European Standard for Translation Services) or ISO9001. Keep away from companies that make false claims that they’ve obtained certificates and do the work which they actually don’t.

4. Expectations of Your Target Audience.

Your target audience is also an important factor you should consider. Will they be general readers, doctors, engineers or competitors? Do you want translations of only short snippets of text? Different languages can have different expressions. E.g. the way of addressing may be formal or informal in some languages (French “tu” and “vous”, German “Du” and “Sie”, and Spanish “vos” or “tu” ad “usted” in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina). Your translators need to know these details and how to pitch the tone so as to convey it correctly to your audience.

Use these pointers while looking for the right translators and their work will help your business thrive.

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