3 Simple Tips to Build a Digital Strategy


Just as with any major project, your digital projects require planning and strategies to work properly.  Building a digital strategy that will lead to your success is critical in the early stages. Here are a few ideas of how to make sure you ask the right questions and approach it the right way.

Get your Objective Down

Nothing will kill a project dead faster than not having a clear objective. If you just have a vague idea about what you want to do in terms of succeeding online, it’s unlikely that it will work properly.  If you just think to yourself that you’re going to “do something with Facebook,” this isn’t really enough of a strategy. If you don’t create a clear objective, you won’t have any chance to test how well your strategy is succeeding at different points in the effort, for example. Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish will make it far easier to choose what sorts of content you should put out, what you should do while not on the Internet, where to concentrate your marketing efforts, and what sorts of programs you’ll need to accomplish your goals.

Tips to Build a Digital Strategy

Think Like a Customer

When you go about deciding how to proceed online, looking through the eyes of a potential customer is arguably the most critical thing you can do. When you plan each step of the customer experience, you have to imagine how the customer will see each of these stages. For example, starting off with a good marketing strategy will depend on whether you can tap into what a customer is looking for and whether you can appeal to them. It will also depend on whether you can find them where they spend the majority of their time. Will customers who might be interested in your site spend most of their time on Facebook or Twitter? What sorts of information will cause them to follow you? And then from there they might subscribe and you should think about what their experience will be like from there, that is, whether subscribing is something that they will find to be useful. You might ask yourself whether you would keep your subscription to the newsletter or YouTube page if you were someone with the customer’s interests. And once the customer starts looking at products to potentially make a purchase, it helps to ask yourself whether they will likely see the offerings as worth it, and as better than the competition.

Learn and Grow

Perhaps the most important part when it comes to getting ready for you to design your own website is being ready to adapt your strategy as new information comes in. this could come in the form of setting aside time in the future to examine how well your strategies have worked and then coming up with new strategies based on that information. It could also take the form of signing up for services that help with this analysis such as Google Analytics. There are many free options out there that can help you look at what sorts of traffic you’re receiving and what the different behaviors of this traffic might mean about your strategies. For example, there are services that measure what customers click on first when they reach your page, and how long they spend on each part of the page. Some will even show screenshots that mimic what a customer is doing on your page.

If you stick to your digital plan and update it based on new information during every step of the process, you will have a higher chance of success.

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